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FRST Challenge Awards Phase Two Prize Winners

Combined Phase Two Award of $701,000 Distributed to 25 Teams BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (May 31, 2022) — The FRST Challenge, an innovation challenge bringing together technical teams and first responders to create solutions for providing precise location details of first responders inside a structure, announced its Phase Two Prize Winners. Submissions were evaluated by a team …

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three firefighters

Three Firefighters

Abstract We improve the health and safety of first responders with technology that better tracks and accounts for rescuers throughout the entire emergency. We have developed the DoorBoss, a proprietary firefighting tool that restricts flow path, thereby limiting fire growth and helping to save firefighters’ lives and avoid property loss. We have incorporated RFID-based sensors …

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Taber Innovations

Taber Innovations

Abstract This situational awareness equates to response efficiency, team effectiveness, and the overall safety of all on-scene personnel. Although a top priority of the first responder industry for decades, deployable interior tracking of first responders has remained just beyond the industry’s reach due technological limitations, prohibitive developmental and fielding costs, as well as unrealistic employment …

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Phase One Prize Winner: IoT AI/Pico Tags

Abstract PicoTags are a dynamic set of intelligent system nodes that provide integrated location services for humans, machines, sensors, and other resources. The system incorporates self-healing and self-configuring internetworking and fusion of location information even in the harshest conditions. The capabilities leverage the Pico Anywhere SuiteTM of interference resistant methods to ensure continuous operations even …

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Phase One Prize Winner: Zansors

Abstract Team Zansors seeks to contribute to reducing the risk faced by first responders. Team Zansors proposes novel technologies to enhance situational awareness, safety and security. Team Zansors brings its prior work in patented wearable sensors and embedded algorithm technologies for health and wellness applications and now extrapolates these technologies for first responder applications. Team …

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pierce aerospace

Phase One Prize Winner: Pierce Aerospace

Abstract Pierce Aerospace proposes a concept to rapidly deploy commercially available high-quality sensors to an incident commander through a pre-approved identification and tracking mechanism (Remote ID) actively in development for the commercial and civil identification and tracking of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). In the near future numerous commercial UAS with high quality sensors will be …

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Phase One Prize Winner: Business Crescendo / SYSNAV

Abstract For first responders such as firefighters, accurate locational tracking has been identified as a critical need. In particular, knowing the exact location of individuals within an indoor structure (including the specific floor of a multi-floor building) during a search and rescue operation is vital to their safety. While GPS approaches are sufficient for many …

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