FRST Challenge Awards Phase Two Prize Winners

Combined Phase Two Award of $701,000 Distributed to 25 Teams

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (May 31, 2022) — The FRST Challenge, an innovation challenge bringing together technical teams and first responders to create solutions for providing precise location details of first responders inside a structure, announced its Phase Two Prize Winners. Submissions were evaluated by a team of expert judges to determine the 25 recipients of the $701,000 total prize purse for Phase Two.

The winning teams include:

  • 3AM Innovations
  • AdaptiTrace Tracking Solutions
  • AIKI, Inc.
  • Banc3Inc
  • Business Crescendo / SYSNAV
  • Circle Optics
  • Koliada
  • Lost & Lucky Labs
  • NavigateIO
  • One Smart Lab
  • Owl Integrations
  • PicoTags
  • Pierce Aerospace
  • Smart Firefighting
  • Taber Innovations
  • Team Zansors
  • Team ZOT<1M
  • Third Wave
  • Three Firefighters
  • Thrusight
  • Tiami Networks
  • TrackerDLN


“We are pleased to see the significant progress made on life-saving solutions by FRST Challenge teams,” said Sonny Kirkley, FRST project director. “With early demonstration of the solutions, we’re able to see first-hand the innovation and potential of these solutions and are eager to support the concepts development into meaningful products, with the support of the prize money, as we move forward in the FRST Challenge.”

FRST Challenge and many of the Phase Two award winners will share their solutions at the Public Safety Communications Research Division Annual Public Safety Broadband Stakeholders conference in San Diego from June 7th through 9th. Competing teams have brought together individuals with backgrounds in academia, technology, entrepreneurship, students, and more. Each team includes a variety of technical and design skills, as well as a First Responder mentor.

Led by the Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab in the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University, and funded by an $8 million cooperative agreement from the Public Safety Communications Research Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the challenge formally launched on March 1 with Phase Two submissions submitted on May 16th.

Phase Two submissions are intended to prove that contestants are working toward a solution that fulfills the FRST Challenge evaluation requirements and meets benchmark requirements. Contestants submitted the Phase Two deliverables including a demonstration video, technical description, and product roadmap. The Prize Winners will invest their award in the development of their concepts’ proof of concept for Phase Three submission.

Phase Three submissions are due October 3 and up to 10 winners will be awarded. Office hours and support webinars will take place weekly to support teams in their continued solution development. An additional side competition to drive the development of specific technology that teams may use will take place in parallel to Phase Three. More information can be found at

The FRST Challenge will conclude in October 2023 with advanced live field testing. Prize money will be awarded in each phase of the competition with a total of $5.6 million in prize funds awarded across five phases of the competition.

Visit to learn more about the Phase Two winners and competition, and the FRST Portal to see teams’ public abstracts and community videos.


About the Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab

The Crisis Technologies Innovation Lab is a collaboration between the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering and University Information Technology Services, and is housed in the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University. The lab’s mission is to research and develop practical, efficient, effective, and equitable technologies and solutions to improve readiness and scale response to crises and disasters.

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