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Each team is required to maintain a first responder partnership throughout the FRST Challenge to ensure the solutions they develop are practical and helpful for the first responder market. Teams have the opportunity to win prize money allocated for first responder partners as they advance through the competition.

If you’re interested in getting involved as a team mentor, please fill out the competition interest form and indicate that you are looking to be matched with a team. As teams sign up for the competition, we will facilitate partnerships between unmatched first responders and teams.

If you are more interested in helping the competition management team, fill out the competition interest form and indicate you wish to be an expert advisor. We will work with first responders on providing education, training, and mentoring programs for all teams. You could also serve as a competition judge.

Individuals are welcome to enter the competition without a team, provided they meet the eligibility requirements outlined on the Rules page. Please fill out the competition interest form as a competitor.

Individuals are free to join teams or transfer between rosters as the competition progresses, meaning that even competitors who have partial solutions or specific expertise should enter the competition and proceed to form a well-rounded team with other entrants.

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  • Learn more about the challenge phases, problem, emergency scenarios, submission requirements, and eligibility terms to participate in this prize challenge. Team up with a public safety partner and complete the registration form (available soon) to set up your participant profile.

Develop your concept.

  • Develop a whitepaper outlining your idea, describe your team, and document your first responder partnership to complete the Phase 1 requirements. This phase is all about ensuring you have a solid team and innovation idea before investing money and time into developing a product prototype.

Submit your entry.

  • Log in and complete your submission on the challenge portal. Walk-on competitor teams are welcome to Phase 3 submissions – due October 3, 2022.

Companies, individuals, standards groups, government agencies, researchers, and others are encouraged to work with the competition administration team and support the participants as they move through the competition. We will offer an extensive program of education, training, and mentoring programs for teams, and we will facilitate introductions to partners who have products and services they might use in their prototypes. If interested in learning more, please fill out the competition interest form and indicate you are interested in partnering with a FRST Challenge team.

If you are interested in participating, joining a team, learning more, or wanting to stay informed of new developments with this challenge, we want to hear from you:

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How to get Started

Submit Your Whitepaper

Whether you’re a team of one or have a group, sign up for competition updates here and start developing your concept paper for the Phase 1 deadline on March 21.

Find Your Public Safety Partner

Connect with public safety partners to make sure you are on track. If you need help finding a first responder partner or forming a team, we will try to help.

Develop Your Prototype

Be one of 30 teams to receive the first round of funding to support your innovation development.

Participate in Training and Mentoring Programs

Sign up for programs aimed at helping you develop your skills and refine your prototypes in each phase of the competition.