Phase One Prize Winner: Taber Innovations

Taber Innovations


This situational awareness equates to response efficiency, team effectiveness, and the overall safety of all on-scene personnel. Although a top priority of the first responder industry for decades, deployable interior tracking of first responders has remained just beyond the industry’s reach due technological limitations, prohibitive developmental and fielding costs, as well as unrealistic employment solutions. The Holy Grail of first responder technology has remained elusive until now! Taber Innovations Group LLC presents the Over-Watch Locator™ (OWL™), the next generation of deployable firefighting and first responder accountability equipment. Since 2015, Taber Innovations Group LLC (TIG), a Nevada-based Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has been engaged with fire departments and leading industry experts across the United States in the research and development of OWL™. OWL™ offers incident commanders at all levels the ability to accurately monitor their team’s movements and location via wearable technology transmitting real time information to the incident commander’s laptop or other mobile device in their command support vehicles. Powered by their internationally patented technology stack Location-Enhanced Accountability of Personnel™ (LEAP™) technology, OWL™, TIG has successfully produced a wearable ruggedized, non-obstructive, in-line, and cost effective individual geolocating unit based on LEAP™ and developed as a core cross-industry interoperable technology stack providing pinpoint/real time location tracking data to organizations across a variety of applications to a broad spectrum of commercial and military applications. These venues include, but are not exclusively limited to, firefighters/emergency medical technicians, law enforcement officers, military units, mine/tunnel (underground) workers, health care facilities, and event venue/amusement park safety. Additionally, the LEAP™ interoperable technology stack provides cross service organizations, such as firefighters and law enforcement responding to the same incident, simultaneous precise locational situational awareness on all on-scene personnel both inside and outside of structures. OWL™ is designed as a dynamically deployable, standalone, and scalable system that does not require a costly and sensitive support infrastructure to be maintained by departments or municipalities. OWL™ is designed to be operated within a variety of austere environmental conditions with minimal to no impact on nationally accepted and adopted firefighting Standard Operating Procedures. Through the utilization of the latest in motion, positioning, and communication technologies, OWL™ provides the incident command structure, both on-scene and remote, to rapidly and accurately track the status, health, and location of personnel and equipment throughout the duration of an incident both on the exterior and the interior of a multi-story structure. OWL™ also offers data storage capability to allow for the incident debriefing and multiple training opportunities through the Visualized Incident Replay (VIR) system. As OWL™ enters the final phases of third-party testing and certification, TIG is aggressively working to field OWL™ as soon as possible to get OWL™ into the hands of incident commanders to provide them the ability to make rapid and well-informed decisions to protect the protectors by saving lives, reducing serious injuries, and getting everyone home at the end of the shift.