Phase One Prize Winner: Zansors



Team Zansors seeks to contribute to reducing the risk faced by first responders. Team Zansors proposes novel technologies to enhance situational awareness, safety and security. Team Zansors brings its prior work in patented wearable sensors and embedded algorithm technologies for health and wellness applications and now extrapolates these technologies for first responder applications. Team Zansors will customize a miniaturized device for tracking the location of first responders in building structures above ground and underground like tunnels and basements. Team Zansors will design and build a printed circuit board with multiple micro-electronics to enable real-time location and communication. Team Zansors will design and develop unique algorithms for real-time location for first responders and offer a unique display for both the first responder and incident commander. Team Zansors comprises a multi-disciplinary team of engineers (electrical, mechanical, systems), data scientists, software programmers, designers, and public emergency management professionals. Team Zansors has relationships with larger entities that can assist in commercializing the innovation.