Example SCenarios

For Phase 4 of the Challenge, team solutions will be tested and refined at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center in Butlerville, Indianaa 1,000-acre site with more than 190 building structures and 1.8 miles of tunnels. Solutions will be tested in a series of simulated tasks within certain authentic real-life scenarios . Up to six teams will advance to Phase 5, which involves advanced live field testing and demonstration to determine final prize amounts. Below are some example scenarios solutions may address.

Scenario 1 | Apartment Fire

Firefighters arrive at a 7-story apartment complex with a fire on the 6th floor and smoke filling the hallways. One firefighter is lost trying to find the 911 caller on the 6th floor. How can the incident commander locate the lost firefighter?

Scenario 2 | Police

To address an active shooter situation, a team of police officers enters a building from the north entrance. They immediately begin coordination with the team entering from the west side of the building. Incident commanders and responders must be able to track police and other first responder locations as the situation rapidly changes and develops. 

Scenario 3 | Search & Rescue

After an earthquake, a search and rescue team looks for survivors. During their search, part of the building collapses and traps the first responders. How can we locate them?

Scenario 4 | Wildfire

A wildfire that has been raging for weeks is sweeping through an industrial complex with many hazardous materials. The firefighting teams are dispersed over several city blocks inside and outside the facilities. When an explosion occurs in one of the buildings, the incident commander must find the teams and evacuate the area. How can they safely move their teams out of danger?