Three Firefighters

three firefighters


We improve the health and safety of first responders with technology that better tracks and accounts for rescuers throughout the entire emergency. We have developed the DoorBoss, a proprietary firefighting tool that restricts flow path, thereby limiting fire growth and helping to save firefighters’ lives and avoid property loss. We have incorporated RFID-based sensors into the DoorBoss and leveraged technology developed at The Ohio State University (OSU) to create an IoT integrated system that can track and report the location and movements of emergency personnel in real-time. The technology licensed from OSU is summarized by antenna technology which also doubles as Wi-Fi amplification is woven into the textile of the protective gear worn by the rescuer. (We have completed the proof-of-concept stage with the licensed technology and further prototyping is needed) 

For example, a firefighter will place the DoorBoss in a doorway or entry point as they enter a structure. The sensor in the DoorBoss will then connect to the antenna technology worn by the firefighter and recognize their movements in and out of the entry point. This information is then sent to an incident commander’s mobile device in real-time. The proposed technology will time-stamp how long a first responder has been in a hazardous environment and how long they have had to rest. Further, the first responder’s biometric information will be viewable; providing incident commanders full accountability of their personnel with a passive; hands-free solution. Our user interface is CAD integrated and can be used without the use of the DoorBoss and sensor technology. 

Incident commanders can use the interface as a digital accountability board allowing for pre-planning incidents, pre-loading of daily personnel and assignments, and drag and drop crews into tactical positions throughout the emergency. The drag and drop feature allows incidents commanders further assignments details within the hazard zone as well as mark incident milestones. All tactical decisions are time-stamped, archived, and pre-loaded for NFIRS reporting. Our user interface is in the proof of concept stage of development and further prototyping is needed.