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Tracking and situational awareness has long been a problem for first responders. While GPS tracking can roughly establish where on earth a person is, it is often not accurate enough to ascertain a person’s location or elevation within a building. Knowing the exact location of first responders within a structure is vital to their safety during a search and rescue operation.

This competition exists to identify 3D tracking technology that can give first responders one-meter accuracy in an indoor setting. Use cases include emergency rescue operations and survivor location within large buildings. Successful teams will be awarded funding and entrepreneurial support to bring their solution to market.

Up to 10 teams will participate in Phases 4 & 5.

Successful contestants will be awarded funding after each phase to purchase hardware and software to support their prototyping process, along with additional collaboration and mentorship opportunities with challenge associates and impactful public safety partners.


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  • Phase 01

    whitepaper submissions detailing your proposed solution

  • Phase 02

    Work with public safety partners to design & prototype your solution

  • Phase 03

    Complete system design & submit performance data

  • Phase 04

    Live field testing at a state of the art testing facility in Muscatatuck, IN

  • Phase 05

    Advanced Live field testing at a state of the art testing facility in Muscatatuck, IN

Phase 4 & 5 Testing Ground

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